Transforming Retail & CPG With AI and Dataiku

Untap new ways to improve the customer experience, optimize operational efficiency, and drive productivity with Dataiku Solutions. Pre-built projects and ready-to-use templates accelerate the delivery of your AI use cases in all parts of the business.

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Garner Actionable Customer Insights

Put the power of AI in the hands of your marketing team. With Dataiku Solutions, they’ll get advanced insights on customers for more effective targeting and messaging.

RFM Customer Segmentation

Segment your customers depending on their purchasing behavior, so that you can have more tailored interaction with them.


Customer Satisfaction Reviews

Analyze your customer-rated reviews. Extract valuable insights from a large amount of text data.


Deep-Dive Into Data at Scale for Better Predictions

To which areas should products be shipped and in what quantities? Which customers are, or will become, our most valuable? Answer these questions and more with AI and Dataiku Solutions.

Customer Lifetime Value Forecasting

Predict the future value of your customers and organize them in well structured groups, in order to optimize your efforts to increase revenues over time.


Demand Forecasting

Forecast the future demand of your products at your preferred granularity. Define your time horizon and look into the future to optimize stock allocation, optimize pricing strategies and much more.


Bring a Personalized Experience With More Effective Recommendations

Today’s customer wants personalized content — AI is a must-have for doing it at scale. Dataiku Solutions jumpstart that effort, helping teams both conduct analysis and deploy experiences.

Market Basket Analysis

Extract key business patterns from your sales: optimize product assortment and pave the road to recommendation.


Product Recommendation

Push the right product to the right consumer by building a recommendation system using collaborative filtering and machine learning.


Bring Efficiency to Every Corner of the Business

Inefficient processes are where AI systems shine brightest, driving proficiency and productivity in areas teams might not even imagine. Discover what’s possible with Dataiku Solutions.

Distribution Spatial Footprint

Support impactful decision making on your distribution network.


Inventory Allocation Optimization with Grid Dynamics

Optimize stock levels across locations, improve fulfillment SLAs, and minimize order shipping costs.


Do Even More With Dataiku


This plugin provides a read connector to fetch data from Hubspot, one of the leading CRM platforms

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Graph analytics

This plugin provides recipes to create graphs, compute their statistics, find their clusters and visualize them

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Deep Learning Image

Classify your images from pre-trained models or retrain these models to best fit your data

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Time Series

Prepare and analyze time series data with Dataiku's dedicated time series capabilities.

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Don't Take Our Word for It

That’s the added value of Dataiku: it’s not only the ability to build a solution or come up with an algorithm, but also the ability to deploy, maintain, and improve it.

Randy de Heus — Manager of Business Insights & Data Analytics at Action

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