Dataiku for Enterprise Leaders

Break down silos and augment team productivity.
"If you have the wrong tools in place, you can fly solo — you can get away with inefficiencies and hide your mess a bit. Dataiku changed our team atmosphere and culture for the better through sharing capabilities." Tom Spencer, Head of Customer Data Science Aviva

Unite Business & Tech For Better Outcomes

Dataiku makes data projects a team sport by bringing everyone together, from AI builders to AI consumers. 

Its unique collaborative environment enables coders and non-coders alike to contribute in a shared space, and central hubs like the catalog, feature store, and wikis help teams easily discover and reuse existing work and preserve project knowledge.

Create Self-Service Analytics Apps

To drive better business decisions and outcomes, Dataiku facilitates the rapid creation of interactive visual interfaces for self-service analytics. These easy-to-use applications help business audiences directly leverage data and machine learning to enhance their day to day operations.

Reduce Technical Debt Through Automation

To reduce time spent on repetitive, manual reporting tasks by up to 90%, teams can automate pipelines using Dataiku’s built-in scheduler to deliver clean, reliable, and timely data across the enterprise. 

By empowering business professionals to automate recurring analytics tasks without having to rely on data science or IT teams, people in all roles can focus their attention on more impactful — and more fulfilling — data work.

Safely Scale AI with Oversight

Dataiku Govern provides a single place where data and analytics leaders can track the progress of multiple data initiatives and ensure the right processes are in place to responsibly deliver AI. 

Standardized workflows and project qualification reduce risk and help leaders prioritize the data projects and models that deliver the most value.

Build Trust Through Responsible & Explainable AI

Ensure teams understand data processes and the factors influencing model predictions with transparent, documented data processes plus a full panel of interactive reports for model interpretation and explainability.

Interactive what-if analysis enables both technical users and business experts to test different scenarios and review the impact to predicted results, or even to uncover and prescribe the specific changes that would lead to desired business outcomes.

Capitalize on Your Existing Infrastructure

Dataiku’s powerful, flexible, and modular architecture allows it to run on-premises or in your cloud of choice, integrating with native storage and computational layers for each cloud. 

For maximum performance and efficiency on large workloads, Dataiku leverages pushdown execution to take advantage of existing, elastic, and highly scalable computing systems including SQL databases, Spark, Kubernetes, and more.

Manage Risk & Enforce Secure Data Practices

With Dataiku’s enterprise-grade security, organizations can manage risk and ensure compliance with internal controls and external regulations.

Role-based access controls, authentication with SSO and LDAP, and audit trails for full traceability are just a few of the ways Dataiku can limit and track user access to critical systems and data assets.

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